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A specialist logistics business which delivers and assembles flat pack furniture for nurseries, children's bedrooms and offices has been rescued out of administration after becoming a "victim of its own success".

James Martin and Mark Newman, corporate recovery specialists at CCW Recovery Solutions, were appointed administrators when Jade Babycare Logistics Ltd, based in Bradford, hit problems with over-trading due to expanding too fast.

The approach to the problem is different amongst the two places: in Milan we have been developing in-vitro model starting from the cavo-pulmonary circulation as initial model using a pulsatile pump (Berlin Heart Excore).

In Sheffield we are working on the mathematical model of total cavo-pulmonary circulation, assisted and not-assisted by a mechanical cardiac support, either pulsatile or non-pulsatile.

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My main interest is the interaction between mechanical devices and univentricular circulation.

ML Costantino) and University of Sheffield Department of Fluid Dynamics (Prof R.

Hose) for developing a model of ventricular assist device in single ventricle physiology.

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